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Distributions from All Japan Kendo Federation such as "Publication", "DVD", "Video", "Goods" can be purchased online. We will guide you by FLASH® movie below for direction.

get flash player*To view FLASH® movie, Adobe® Systems Inc.'s "Flash Player®"(free
download) is nessecery.
Please follow the link if you cannot see the direction movie.


1. Select Desired Distribution.

Select a category from menu "Kendo", "Iaido /Jodo", "English version ", "AJKF Goods".

Select items you want from the distribution list.

Input "Quantity" within direction screen, and click "Add to Cart."

You can check what you have selected at "Shopping Cart" on right side of screen.

2 Check or Edit Distribution Item You Have Selected -> Proceed to Customer Information Form.

By clicking "Check Shopping Cart," you can check and edit your purchasing item at "Inside Your Cart" page.

After confirming your content of purchasing item, proceed to Customer information form from lower part of "Inside your Cart" page.

*If you are registered user of "My Page," you don't have to fill-out the form.

> Please refer to "About My Page" for detail.

3. Fill in the Customer Information Form -> Proceed to Confirmation Screen, End of Ordering Process.

Fill out the customer information.

After clicking "Proceed to Confirmation Screen," you can check payment amount and information you have entered.

After confirming the content, click on "Order," and finishing the order process.
After finishing, "Confirmation mail" will be sent by auto-reply system.

>> Please refer to "Site Guide " for detail on payment method and shipping method.
>> We accept orders from over sea customers.


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