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space Shopping Policy
Dealer Shinryokusha-Kikaku Co., Ltd.
Publisher All Japan Kendo Federation
Shipping site http://www.zenkenren-shop.com/
Shop Master Lisa Tsuda
Location Head office
Shiba2-16-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo 151-0014
TEL & FAX TEL: 03-5440-5514
FAX: 03-3451-6905
URL http://zenkenren-shop.com
E-Mail email
Delivery of items

If in stock
As a general rule, your purchase will ship within three days.

If out of stock
If it is possible for us to get the item, we will contact the customer through e-mail to confirm whether the customer is wait. In this case, the customer has the option to cancel the order.

Fees other than item prices Shipping
Methods of payment Payment by credit card for international orders
Returned goods

We expect our products to be free of damages, but if by any chance one of our products is defective, please contact us within one week of delivery of your purchase.

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