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At Shinryokusha-Kikaku Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as this company), we respect the privacy of those (hereafter referred to as visitors) who utilize the site we manage "All Japan Kendo Federation Online Shopping" http://zenkenren-shop.com/ (hereafter referred to as this site), and we maintain a privacy policy in order to offer prudent legal protection to the private information of our visitors.

To feel safe about your online purchase, please be sure to read the following privacy policy.

* Definition of accumulated private information
This company defines all information which could possibly be used to identify an individual as private information.

* About the use of personal information
This company may request personal information of the customers in order to perform the following tasks.

  • In order to register customers and appropriately provide this sitefs services
  • In order to comply with requests for member numbers or passwords, or requests to change registry information
  • In order to confirm details of orders for publications, magazines, other products, services, etc., also in order to deliver products
  • In order to confirm charges and payment for any product, service, etc.
  • Otherwise, in order to respond to an inquiry regarding this company or products, services, etc. provided by this company

We may also ask for personal information when we receive inquiries or orders from other companies contacted by visitors through this site.

* About requested personal information
This company will request the following personal information within the scope of the above uses.
Name, address, telephone number (home, work, cellular), zip code, sex, occupation, e-mail address, member number, password, credit card number, etc.

* Regarding acquisition of access information
We collect information regarding the access history of visitors to this site for the purposes of improved convenience.
Information collected is measured and analyzed in order to understand how this site is used by visitors, as well as to plan and improve our services only. This site will never use ( or link to ) visitorsf private information in any other way.

* About voluntary provision of personal information
All information furnished by the customer is considered to be voluntary. Therefore, if the customer refuses, we will not keep any personal information, but please understand in advance that this refusal may preclude the use of our merchandise, services, etc. (Example: If we are not provided with an address, we will be rendered unable to ship a purchase)

* About provision to third parties
Insofar as we have not received prior consent from customers, we will not supply personal information to other businesses, etc.
However, we assume prior consent for the minimum required information in the following situations. Even in situations like these, we take care to select only companies which apply appropriate protection to personal information.

  • Shipping any product to an address provided by a customer [Delivery person]
  • Exchanging personal information with financial institutions, etc. in order to confirm the validity of a credit card, when one is necessary for payment [financial institutions, etc.]
  • Receiving an official request by a court, investigation, etc., based on a legal inquiry

* About maintenance of personal information
All information entered by the customer, including but not limited to credit card information, is transmitted encrypted by "SSL (Secure Socket Layer)".
Because of this, private information is not seen by third parties.
We implement strict measures in order to prevent the loss, misuse, or modification of personal information.

* About precautions we would like visitors to take
This company provides links to outside Internet sites from this site. This company is not responsible for the personal information protection of linked sites.

* About "Revisions to privacy and security"
It is this companyfs intent to continuously update its privacy policy, which may change in whole or in part. In the event of a major change to the privacy policy, an announcement will be made on this site.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the handling of personal information, please contact info@shinryokusha.co.jp.

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