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2018/12/03 bushishi Sticker Now available !!! new
2018/09/05 FIK Kendo Shiai and Shinpan Regulations [Japanese & English] Now available !!! new
2018/04/04 AJKF Jodo Manual [English] Now available !!! new
2018/02/01 bushishi Clear File Folder Now available !!! 
2017/12/12 bushishi Tenugui Now available !!!

2015/11/02 DVD 61st East West Kendo Taikai [Japanese] Now available !!!
2015/06/22 DVD 13th 8 Dan Taikai [Japanese] Now available !!! 2015/01/13 DVD All Japan Kendo Championship 2014 [Japanese] Now available !!!!
2014/11/05 DVD 60th East West Kendo Taikai [Japanese] Now available !!!
2014/11/05 Kendo First Aid Handbook[Japanese] Now available !!!! 
2014/01/14 DVD All Japan Kendo Championship 2013 [Japanese] Now available !!!!
2013/04/08 Kendo Teaching Guidelines(Kendo Jugyo NoTenkai) for Junior High School(Revised) [Japanese] Now available !!!! 


This website is the official shop of All Japan Kendo Federation.

Items distributed by All Japan Kendo Federation: Publications, DVD's, VIDEO's, merchandise, etc., can be purchased online.

This site is divided into four categories: Kendo, Iaido /Jodo, English Publications, and AJKF Goods. Please click on the above menu buttons and view the merchandise of each category. When you find an item you wish to purchase, click on the "add to shopping cart" button beneath the item description and the item will show up in your shopping cart. You can view the items you have chosen in the shopping cart on the right side of your screen.
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We offer payment by credit card, and shipment method by EMS for over-sea order.
Credit cards with the logo of an international brand (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, Amex) can be used for purchase, regardless of their issuing companies.


>For domestic customers, please refer "Japanese page" for direction.

Site administration, sales, and shipping are performed by Shinryokusha-Kikaku Co., Ltd. under authorization of All Japan Kendo Federation.

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