DVD Shinai [Japanese]

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To Kendoka, Shinai is an extremely close and essential tool, impossible to do without. However, its history, manufacturing process, etc. are relatively unknown.

Shinai has supported the development of Kendo. Along with following the history of Shinai , this film introduces its manufacturing processes and special characteristics.

In addition, as a separate feature, maintenance of Shinai is introduced in detail.

Chapter 1 Birth of the Shinai

Chapter 2 Establishment of Modern Kendo

Chapter 3 From Meiji to Showa

Chapter 4 Present of Shinai

Special Films

Maintenance of Shinai

Shown on December 11th, 2005 as "The 3rd Kendo Cultural Lecture "

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Product Dimensions: 136mm x 190mm x 15mm
Shipping Weight: About 100 g
Run Time: 63 minutes
Release Date: 12/2004

Language: Japanese