DVD All Japan Kendo Championship 2004 [Japanese]

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The All Japan Kendo Championships, in which the champion has changed every year since 2000 (48th Tournament).

The past reigning champions and promising rookies struggle to eliminate others and secure victory, making this tournament anybody's guess.

Amongst the candidates for champion disappearing one-by-one, the one who defied expectations to earn the Emperor's Trophy was 3rd time competitor Suzuki (of Chiba).

This film showcases 10 highlight matches of the first 3 tiers, as well as the 4th tier through victory, newly edited from their original television broadcasts.

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Contains interviews with both Masahiro Miyazaki and Naoki Eiga, looking back on the tournament.

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Product Dimensions: 136mm x 190mm x 15mm
Shipping Weight: About 150 g
Run Time: 65 minutes
Release Date: 12/2014

Language - Japanese