DVD All Japan Kendo Championship 2013 [Japanese]

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The 1st All Japan Kendo Championships was held on Nov. 8, 1953 in Tokyo Kuramae Kokugikan and since then 61th Championships was held on Nov. 3, 2013. This DVD covers the 61th All Japan Kendo Championships.

Uchimura (Tokyo) won against Ando (Hokkaido) in Semi-Final and won against Kotani (Chiba) in Final Match achieving third victory after four years.

This DVD covers all 63 matches in 3 DVDs.

[Special Films]

1. Nippon Kendo Kata Enbu
 Uchidachi: Kenichi ISHIDA (Kendo Hanshi)
 Shidachi : Tatsuaki KOSAKA (Kendo Hanshi)

2. Open Enbu: "Kendo Instructions for Youngsters – Training Method for Fundamental Kendo Techniques with Bokuto"

[Product details]

Product Dimensions: 136mm x 190mm x 15mm
Shipping Weight: About 150 g
Run Time: 406 minutes
Releasae Date: 1/2014

Language - Japanese