DVD AJKF Iai [English]

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Seven forms of AJKF Seitai Iai were established in 1969, three more followed in 1980, and were compiled in 1988. In addition, two more new forms were added in 2000, making a total of 12.

This DVD introduces the "essential points" and "common mistakes and proper motion" including new 11th "Sou giri" and 12th "Nukiuchi" forms, and introducing the demonstration of expressing the skill of mind-sword-body connection.

1.Introduction to the newly established 11th and 12th forms
2.Actions for entering
3.Essential points of the 12 forms
4.Actions for exiting
5.Common mistakes and proper motion
6.Demonstration of expressing the skill of mind-sword-body connection

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Product Dimensions: 136mm x 190mm x 15mm
Shipping Weight: About 93 g
Run Time: 48 minutes
Release Date: 11/2002

Language - English