About our cart system

1. Choose shopping items

Find your shopping items from our online shop. Enter in “Quantity” and click on “ADD TO CART” in red button. You can add other items by same steps. Click on cart menu at a top-right part of pages to view your items added to the cart.

2.Confirm the items and proceed to checkout

To confirm or edit your shopping items, click on “x item(s) for \xxxx” on top-right part of the pages or “View cart” on the pages after adding items. After editing your shopping items, make sure to click on “Recalculate.”

After confirming your shopping items, click on “Proceed to checkout” in red button.

3.Customer information input form, final confirmation page, and submit the order.

Please put and confirm your customer information, delivery options, and payment options. To complete the order, click on “Submit My Order” in red button.

Note that your order will not be completed until you finish your payment in next step.

When your order is submitted with payment option of credit card or PayPal, you will be guided to payment system of payment agency company "GMO Epsilon, Inc. ". Please complete your payment at the page. If you find the page in Japanese, please switch to English option at language switch button at top-right of the page.

After completing the payment, you will receive the “Order confirmation e-mail” automatically sent from our online shop system.