Privacy policy

Shinryokusha-Kikaku Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as our company), considering importance of personal information protection, complies to the Personal Information Protection law of Japan and following privacy policy stated in this page, and offers prudent legal protection to the personal information of those (hereafter referred to as visitors) who utilize the site . This privacy policy is the promise between our company and visitors for handling personal information disclosed to our company.

To feel safe about your online purchase, please be sure to read the following privacy policy

About the use of personal information

The use of personal information disclosed from visitor to our company are as following.

  1. Our company promises to comply to laws, national guidelines, and other manners for personal information
  2. Our company will appropriately manage the personal information provided by the visitor, will assure for confidence of safety for information, and will not provide nor disclose them in visitor’s unintended purpose.
  3. Our company will acquire, use, provide the personal information in fair and appropriate way.
  4. Our company, when acquiring personal information directly, will clearly indicate the purpose of acquisition and perimeter of usage, and will not provide nor disclose to third party. The personal information of this company will be managed in same manner.
  5. Our company constructs personal information securing management system for logical and appropriate information security countermeasures, preventive measures, and correction measures. With those measures, our company appropriately manages personal information and customer information, and prevent information leak, loss, or damage of visitor’s reputation.
  6. Our company, if to delegate the personal information or customer information to external group, will require them by contract for strict security of information and appropriate management.
  7. Our company will continuously commit for appropriate protection of personal information and customer information through necessary education and inspection for all company awareness building activity.
  8. Our company will continuously commit for appropriate protection of personal information and customer information through periodical inspection, check-up on personal information protection management system and various provisions based on inspection result, and improvements.
  9. Our company nominate window personnel for claims and consultation of personal information, and handle with integrity for customer’s request for disclosure of personal information, correction, deletion, and other.

Subcontracted partner of General Incorporated Association of All Kendo Federation
Shinryokusha-Kikaku Co., Ltd.
Director Lisa Tsuda

Established 1st July, 2007
Revised 1st May, 2019
Translated 1st July, 2019

About management of personal information

Our company manages personal information with following organization structure

Name of our company:
Shinryokusha-Kikaku Co., Ltd.
Chief Operating Officer, Lisa Tsuda

Personal information securing officer
Shinryokusha-Kikaku Co., Ltd.
Chief Operating Officer, Lisa Tsuda

Usage purpose of personal information
Our company use personal information only in perimeter of following operation and achievement of usage purpose.

  • Content of operation
    Reception and dispatch for ordered item through internet from customer.
  • Usage purpose
    For work of internet electric commerce and information provision service to customer

About provision of personal information

Our company do not disclose acquired personal information to third party except for case of law enforcement.

About delegation of personal information

If we are to delegate all or part of the personal information to external group, we will carefully select the group, and delegate only to contracted group.

About “cookie”

Our company uses cookie for provision of continuously improving service to customer. These cookies are not capable of collecting information which leads to specific individual. Therefore, it will not violate customer’s privacy. If you desire to not use the cookies, you can disable them via changing browser’s setting.

* What is “cookie”? It is a text file stored on storage of your PC or mobile device which is sent from server computers.

About usage of “SSL”

We user SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology for security protection and prevention of interception, disturbance, or manipulation of personal information when transmitted.

* SSL is encrypted transmission of information to prevent interception and disturbance. Use of SSL makes it possible to transmit information with better security.

About voluntary provision of personal information

All information furnished by the customer is considered to be voluntary. Therefore, if the customer refuses, we will not keep any personal information, but please understand in advance that this refusal may preclude the use of our merchandise, services, etc. (Example: If we are not provided with an address, we will be rendered unable to ship a purchase)

About disclosure and collection process

Our company accepts customer’s request to access personal information, disclosure of usage purpose, correction, suspension of usage, and suspension of provision to third party when personal information we obtain is against the fact. For detail procedure for request such as disclosure, please contact our window personnel at bottom of this page.

Regarding claims or consultation for handling personal information

For contacting to our company regarding claims or consultation for handling personal information, please contact our window personnel at bottom this page.

Window personnel for contact
Shinryokusha-Kikaku Co., Ltd.
Chief Operating Officer, Lisa Tsuda