DVD Training Method for Fundamental Kendo Techniques with a Bokuto [Japanese]

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"The Concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the sword." This is the Concept of Kendo. In order to learn Kihon Waza (basic techniques), AJKF developed "Basic Kendo Waza practice with Bokuto", as it is efficient to learn the principles of the sword by using Bokuto (wooden sword). Nine Kihon Waza with "accuracy in big mouements" as goal are introduced.

Rei-Ho and Handling of the Bokuto

Kihon Waza Training

Kihon 1. Ippon-Uchi-no-Waza

"Shomen" "Kote" "Do (Migi Do)" "Tsuki"

Kihon 2. Ni-San-Dan-no-Waza(Renzoku-Waza)


Kihon 3. Harai-Waza "Harai-Men (Omote)"

Kihon 4. Hiki-Waza "Hiki-Do (Migi Do)"

Kihon 5. Nuki-Waza "Men-Nuki-Do (Migi Do)"

Kihon 6. Suriage-Waza "Kote-Suriage-Men (Omote)

Kihon 7. Debana-Waza "Debana-Kote"

Kihon 8. Kaeshi-Waza "Men-Kaeshi -Do (Migi-Do)"

Kihon 9. Uchiotoshi-Waza "Do (Migi Do) Uchiotoshi-Men"

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